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Starting chemotherapy... again

2 weeks ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer for the third time. This week, I started back on the chemotherapy and medication regime.

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2 Kommentare

Tony Riddle
Tony Riddle
22. Feb. 2021

Hi Austin i have just watcher your video and your attitude towards this cancer is so positive, to have to start all over again with all that is involved in you fight against it.

I give you all the very best in the fight against tis cancer, and if any one can beat it will be you,

Your very positive out look is amazing keep fighting if anyone can beat this it will be you.

All the very best for the future. Carole and Tony Riddle.

Gefällt mir

21. Feb. 2021

Austin again an amazing insight to the cancer journey you are as always an inspiration to many you will again battle as a true warrior and all your martial arts fitness will help you beat this again .Never Give In Never Give up.

Gefällt mir
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