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So why have I started this blog malarkey?

Well, I suppose because I wanted a platform to share my thoughts on a life that has been rich and full and influenced by several different factors.

The first and most recent is as a cancer patient, if honest, a very lucky cancer patient. I survived it against the odds last year, and now it is back having another go. Well, only one thing for it, stand firm, look it in the eye (if you know what I mean) and say: "No, up with this I will not be putting" and fight it tooth and nail.

The second factor that has influenced me has been my journey with traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate, something that I have been studying for nearly 50 years. It has been a constant over the decades and taught me so many things. Mostly, however, it is not about the physical side of the art. The real value lies in the constant attempt to be a better person. Or to quote Sensei Gichin Funakoshi “To seek perfection of character”. I am the chief instructor of Enso Shotokan Karate Club. On the Enso website, I occasionally blog about how cancer has affected my karate and how karate has helped me stay resilient during my fight with cancer. There's also a short video about this below. 

My career has been involved with buses and coaches, human resources, and transport generally. Some might think it boring, but actually it is not. Why? Because it is all about people. I am presently a director of two companies one in the UK/Ireland and one in Poland.

I am also, as of this year, would you believe it, a stand up comedian having done a 5 minute stint at the iconic Glee club in Birmingham, to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Check it out below. 

As a human being, I am also a father, son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend and partner. So, putting all the personal stuff to one side, there is a lot in the mix, a lot to debate, a lot to laugh at, and I hope something to enjoy.

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