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Cycling 300 miles in 30 days - whilst on chemotherapy - to raise awareness for cancer research

At the beginning of February 2021, I found out that my level 4a bowel cancer had returned for a third time. This was a tough blow, but as ever, I decided to tackle it head on. So to complement the rather tough chemotherapy regime which I now started, I decided to take on board the cycle 300 mile challenge.

There are two reasons for this: Firstly, to raise money for the cause. As charities have been badly impacted by the pandemic, it is important to keep raising funds for life-saving research to keep people like me alive.

Secondly, and equally important it is about raising awareness of bowel cancer and early detection. People are very self-conscious and embarrassed around the topic of bowel cancer, but they should not be. This why we created the blog the The Bag for Life to offer hope and support for people going through the same journey as well as their family and friends.

My partner Yvi is also taking up the challenge to do the 300 mile cycle ride, as she has taken up the challenge to support me on my journey with cancer from the outset. So we will actually be doing 600 miles between us this month.

Any support for this worthy cause would be greatly appreciated.

Let's see if we can smash it.

Austin & Yvi

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Austin absolutely amazing you both will reach your daily target Why not play that lovely piece of music each day In The Road Again

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