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Austin's Week: Christmas 2019

The weather on Christmas morning was wonderful in the Clent Hills, so Yvi and I went for a little walk and decided to do a short Christmas video review. I talk about what it is like to have 9 hours of chemo on Christmas Eve and how important it is to stay mentally strong.

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Dec 28, 2019

Austin, your strength and resolve are an inspiration. Keep going my friend.


Tony Riddle
Tony Riddle
Dec 27, 2019

Hi Austin and a very Happy Christmas to the both of you.

you have a very good partner Austin , she seams to know and understand you.

I have just watched your video and am amazed at you stamina ,to have had to fight a third bout of this dreadful Illness again , but you have the courage to fight it again , I hope that you can beat it again.

All The very best to the both of you, and a happy new year may this be the one you waiting for, I do hope so. Carole and Tony Riddle

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