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Austin's Week - 19th January 2020

It's been a tough week with the side effects of chemo, but it's a also been a good week with positive planning, progress with business and personal plans. Life in spite of chemo therapy continues!

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Tony Riddle
Tony Riddle
Jan 20, 2020

well Austin yet again a very positive you, i admire the way you take it all in your stride,never letting it get you down, your red face reminds me of my wife after she had had her breast removed, she had radio therapy and she was so bad following it. but she got over it that was six years ago, since then she has had further things come to her but we do the best we can and keep on going .

so you are going to be 60 this year well we wish yiu the very best , i will bi 80 this march, where the time gone to . keep up the good fight . Tony Riddle.

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